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Tourist information

Welcome to the touristinformation in Karasjok

Welcome to the touristinformation in Karasjok!

The touristinformation is located in Sápmi Park. Here you will get general information about Karasjok, the muncipality and the area and entrance tickets to Sápmi Park and the magical theatre. Here is also money exchange, from foreign currency to NOK and from NOK to Euro.

Karasjok in the second largest municipality in Norway, with an areal of 5463 km². Karasjok in the second largest municipality in Norway, with an areal of 5463 km² and approx.               2800 inhabitants in Karasjok municipality. In 1867 Karasjok became its own municipality.

Karasjok has got the name from the river that flotes throw the municipality, Kárášjohka. The name johka is sami and means river. The name Karas most likely comes from the finnish (kara) that meens curv- the curvy river.

Karasjok is today a cultural and social place for sami people in Norway. Important sami institutions is located here, for example the Sami Parliament, NRK Sami Radio (sami television), sami special doctor center, the sami collections, the special sami libary and much more. Øvre Anárjohka national park is locaded in Karasjok municipality. Øver Anárjohka together with the finnish national park Lemmonjohki is today one of the biggest and most unmoved wildnessareas in Europe.

The river Kárášjohka togheter with Anárjohka makes Norways biggest salomons leading stream- Tanavassdraget. In 2001 there was fisched 200 ton salomon in tanavassdraget, with the side rivers. The rivers Kárášjohka and Anárjohka have gold occurrence and from 1890 to second world war was operated commerciall operations at the goldfields. The big goldstream was never found.


  • Street: Leavnnjageaidnu 1
  • Postcode: 9730
  • Place: Karasjok


  • Phone: + 47 78 46 88 00
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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