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  • Johan Wildhagen / Visit Norway

Restaurant Storgammen

Beside reindeer meat and cloudberries the Sami cuisine can offer you a variety of fish and game dishes and berries. A visit to Sápmi Park is not complete without a Sami meal!

Storgammen is an exceptional place to eat in the middle of Sápmi Park. It is built with inspiration from four traditional turf huts and has a capacity of 120 guests. Here you will be sitting on soft reindeer rugs around a fireplace where the smell of the fire pleasantly blends with the aromas of the traditional Sami food creating a cosy and snug atmosphere – an ultimate experience in a unique setting!
Advance booking is required for groups. In the winter, Storgammen accepts groups of no less than 10 people.

Storgammen restaurant is open every day from monday 8th. of June - 31sth. of August  between 11.a.m. and 11 p.m.