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  • Johan Wildhagen / Visit Norway

Nedre Mollisjok Fjellstue

The mountain cabin (fjellstue) is located in the middle of the mountain plateau, in between Alta and Karasjok. It's 70 km to both places. Travelling here needs to be planned, but when you reach the cabin and the door open by Per Edvard and Randu you will be rewarded. They take care of thirsty and hungry guest. The cabin is newly restored. There is total 54 bedplaces, divided in 5 cabins and rooms in the main building. They have high fashion kitchen, sanitary conditions, room with an open fireplace and dining room. In addition to all this there is also a sauna and peatgamme. The peatgamme is beeing used to smoke meat.

Nedre Mollisjok Fjellstue
9730 Karasjok

Tlf ( 47) 78 46 76 00